About Us

Caspianro Limited is a Private Limited Company that launched in 2008, and has been on the local transporting market for the last nine years.

Lincolnshire based traction services and vehicle haulage

Our company has one transport operating centre based in Spalding, Lincolnshire. We have a capacity of 20 tractor units and 20 trailers that are available for traction services and haulage of goods, along with a 3.5T car transporter, and a currier van.

Caspianro Limited is a growing, privately owned, haulage company in the UK, and we take great care to ensure we offer the best and the fastest service in all the jobs we undertake, in order to guarantee high customer satisfaction.

We are a medium-sized transport company with the licence number OF1100643. Our company is registered with SIC code 49410, and our registration number is 06706796.

The company directors are Faramarz Mir Javadi and Felicia Tatiana Mir Javadi.

The company transport manager is Mr K Smart.