We are Caspianro a UK based general haulage company. We are always looking to expand and update our ever growing fleet. We do all types of haulage catering for almost every need including Curtain Siders, Flat Bed’s, Heavy low loader’s, Reefer box trailer’s for temperature controlled transport, traction work, light and heavy vehicle transport, light vehicle recovery, courier / fridge van’s as well as driver agency. We are always looking to grow our customer base as well as looking after our existing customers, our customer driven staff are always on hand to answer any queries and offer advise in all types of transport. Our vehicles are all remotely tracked so customers can be kept up to date with time critical loads.

Curtain Siders

We have our own curtain side trailers that can be side or rear loaded getting the goods delivered in almost any area of the business, containing almost anything from food to vehicles.

Flat Beds

Our flat bed’s and post trailers can be loaded / loaded top, side or rear again if required. Loading almost any type of freight from pipes to hay to machinery

Heavy Low loaders

Our low loaders are specialised for plant and machinery, we can almost anything with wheels and some thing without. These trailers are high spec to take almost anything from tractor units to road rollers, our staff are all trained and experienced professionals so always happy to help

Reefer Box Trailer’s

Our fridge box trailers are specialised for transportation of temperature controlled loads, our trailers are maintained to high standard as we mainly carry food stuff’s and flowers, these trailer’s are rear load only. We can also prove the temperature for every single journey to ensure anything hauled is in top condition upon delivery.

Light vehicle Recovery and Transport

Our light vehicle transport and recovery can be deployed any time and anywhere in the UK for whether it is picking up and delivering new cars, or calling us out if you have broken down to take your vehicle for repair,

Courier and Fridge Vans

We have various size vans which can be loaded and sent where ever needed, we have refrigerated vans which are deployed if you need urgent special deliveries these are ideal for quick journeys with specific product

Drivers Agency

We also run drivers agency with many highly trained and skilled professional drivers who are ready to help.